cupcakes and zombies

because cupcakes are yummy and people aren't. unless you're a zombie.

Birthday Thoughts

As my birthday weekend comes to an end and its back to work tomorrow, I’d like to share 10 observations I’ve gathered over the weekend.

1. It is possible to have a birthday without a single person singing you the Happy Birthday song and totally not miss it at all. Although I kind of miss not having any candles to blow out.

2. Cookie recipes do not account for the amount of cookie dough that you eat before it is baked. I think they should subtract a few from the final count when they tell you how many a recipe makes.

3. Whole Foods is awesome and I completely made a fool of myself running around pointing at things and picking food up to admire it. Oh, and I don’t care.

4. People should get outside more often. I think they would be happier.

5. Winter is coming.

6. Time goes by too quickly, except when I’m waiting for something.

7. People should be more kind to each other than they often are.

8. Cats can see into your soul. Or maybe not, but when they stare, its creepy.

9. Do not sit in a room with a cat who is staring when you are home alone. Its extra creepy.

10. Gummy vitamins rock.

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