cupcakes and zombies

because cupcakes are yummy and people aren't. unless you're a zombie.

Dear “Glee”

Dear “Glee”: I am done with you and your absolutely ridiculous plot lines and even worse overdramatic theater emo-pop. Were you ever actually good or was I just enamored by the fact that a glee club was being featured as a TV show? I mean, who can forget Kurt’s rendition of “Single Ladies”? Pure entertainment! And yet now, where do I begin? Oh, that’s right, I stopped caring 5 minutes ago. And FYI, having commercials every 3 seconds to cover up the fact that you have no plot does not work. In fact, it irritated me so much I turned it off. That’s right, I, who sat, tormented and tortured through all of “Waterworld” hoping at some point it would either make sense, or perhaps get better, could not sit through the full hour of your show. Oh, wait, make that 23 minutes since the rest was all commercials. And take away 7 minutes for the amount of time the tortured looks the characters gave each other took. Then 3 minutes for the sappy, “I’m alone, but singing to you exactly at the same time and in harmony even though we’re miles away” scenes. And take away 2 minutes for the obligatory “I’m walking down the hall singing but no one sees or hears me” scenes. So where are we? 11 minutes? Yeah, that’s probably just about what I missed turning it off halfway through. 11 minutes of my life that I am now able to enjoy instead. Goodbye Glee, we are never ever ever getting back together. Like, ever.

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