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June 2013 archive

Conversations with a “Carnataur”

Somewhere along the 5-7 minute drive home from daycare I became aware of the actual conversation I was having with my son.

“Carnataurs are nice, they don’t push”

“No, not nice, I’m a Carnataur and I push Graham”

“You’re not a Carnataur, you’re a nice boy”

“No, I a Carnataur”

“Ok, you can be a Carnataur, but if you push anyone, you won’t be allowed to be a Carnataur anymore, do you understand? You can stomp and ROAR and do anything else but push anyone or you’ll get a timeout, ok?”

Pause for thoughtful toddler thinking. “Ok Momma….”

“…I push Ashlynn”

Sigh. I preferred last night when he was “Spiderman the Great, a SUPERHERO!”

If you don’t know what a Carnataur is, let me enlighten you. Its a type of bloodthirsty carnivorous dinosaur. I think is actually supposed to be Carnataurus, but there’s only so much dinosaur a 2.5 year old can handle. He likes to stomp around pretending he’s a Carnataur, and apparently likes to do this at school as well. I have discovered that being stubborn is one of their main and surprisingly toddler-ish characteristics.

I suppose that beats the usual conversation of “I not pooping” “Are you sure? I think you are” “NO I NOT” “Really?”

“Momma, I pooped”