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Acts of Selfishness

I haven’t written in a while, not having the inspiration or motivation to do so. My Muse went missing earlier this year and took all of my thoughts worth putting down on paper, or screen, I suppose.

But the tragic events today in Boston, piled up on the tragic events in Newtown this past December, following the obscene tragedy of 9/11 that will always be one of the events with the most impact on my life, leave too much unspoken. And I don’t mean to neglect any of the other horrific tragedies that have occurred before and after these events that come to mind so easily.

I dislike the use of the word terrorism. I understand what it means, someone doing something so utterly horrific to spread fear in a society or group of people so it disrupts normal life, all in the name of some agenda they deem as being worthy of taking lives of others. Its too often in the context of making a political statement. But I would rather consider these acts the epitome of selfishness. The act of hurting others to further your own agenda, or the name of your cause. The ultimate selfish act. Cowardly. Even when these people take their own lives. Cowardice. They can’t even face the reality of what they’ve done so instead of not doing it they follow through and then take the easy way out.

Terrorism, to me, means the act of spreading fear. It gives fear life, and it give fear power and control, and furthers a cause that is so unworthy that people need to resort to harming and killing others to promote it.  Selfishness, to me, means that the only way these people can think to bring attention to themselves is to commit a horrific act with no regard for anyone else. By definition it gives no power to fear, which is often one of the goals of these acts. Instead, calling it selfishness clearly points the finger and ownership of these crimes at the perpetrators.

I am in disbelief that my son is going to be raised in a world where when I kiss him goodbye in the morning I have to wonder if he will be safe at school, where he will see news stories about kids his age getting killed, or people trying to spread fear by  causing as much heartache and damage and death as possible. A world where these topics will need to be discussed in the classroom with an intent to inform out of necessity. In my day, a tragedy was an accident, like the space shuttle exploding. Today, tragedies are too often these acts of selfishness, supreme, unbelievable and disgusting acts of selfishness. There is nothing worse to consider than the thought of a human being who is so hideously selfish they feel vindicated by hurting or killing others.

But I refuse to be “terrorized” by them. I don’t want to give them even that small bit of power.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of these tragedies who were hurt by so many selfish people. I am saddened to know in my heart that this won’t be the last time I say or write those words. It is hard to have faith in humanity when so many humans are intent on hurting, rather than helping, each other. I hope that someday, my faith is restored.